How to use Belkin router as a range extender?

Belkin router – wifi extender – Belkin Setup

Belkin is a generally known organization that produces quality systems administration gadgets, for example, Router and extenders. Belkin Router are high performing Router as they give high web speed, better network and a parental control include which help to guard your kids on the web. These Router give you the best of gaming knowledge and have a smart internet browser interface helps in the simple setup of your Belkin Router. Belkin Router have a worked in online setup page which enables its clients to arrange the propelled highlights of the Device. The distinctive component which puts the Belkin switch beside the challenge is that you can utilize the Belkin Router as wifi extender. Belkin router – wifi extender – Belkin Setup

Highlights of Belkin Router

  1. Multiple users can play games online, stream online videos
  2. Easy to set up with your tablet, Smartphone or computer
  3. It delivers high speed and ensures seamless wireless connectivity
  4. It increases the network coverage throughout your home
  5. It can easily connect to Belkin range extender
  6. You can also use your Belkin router as a wifi extender

On the off chance that you have a major house or an expansive office space, at that point a solitary switch won’t meet your web needs. All things considered, you ought to go for a second Belkin Router.

You can utilize the second Belkin switch as a wifi extender to expand the remote system inclusion, this is known as connecting. Spanning just intends to empower the connecting highlight of your Router and adding extra switches to the principle Router. A remote scaffold can be set up by following the notice steps

Belkin router – wifi extender – Belkin Setup

Most importantly, check every one of the switches required to change over the second switch into the Belkin wifi run extender that they bolster remote spanning. You can check this by taking a gander at the marks on the item box or by visiting the Belkin site.

Associate the primary switch to a PC by means of an Ethernet link. Ensure you plug the link into the LAN port.

Dispatch an internet browser and type the switch’s IP address in the location bar and hit enter. The default IP address for the vast majority of the Belkin switch is yet on the off chance that this does not work, counsel your item documentation.

Enter your login qualifications, the default username is ‘administrator’ and the default secret word is clear.

Go to the LAN settings on the Status page and note down the switch’s MAC address. You can open a scratch pad or MS Word to duplicate/glue the location into the record. Generally, the MAC address is likewise imprinted on a sticker on the switch itself.

Look to ‘Channel and SSID’ and note down both the SSID and the channel number.

Look to the ‘Remote’ tab and snap on the ‘Remote Bridge’ sub-tab.

Check the ‘Empower Wireless Bridging’ and ‘Empower ONLY explicit Access Points to associate’ box. By checking this case you guarantee that no switch in range goes about as a repeater along these lines takes out the security chance.

Enter the primary switch’s MAC address in the fields gave alongside AP1. Type the second switch’s MAC address alongside AP2. You can get the second switch’s MAC address from its bundling. In the event that you need to connect more switches, at that point include their MAC addresses also.

Click ‘Apply Changes’.

Presently design the second switch by rehashing the means 2-10, nonetheless, in stage 6, arrange the channel and SSID data to coordinate the primary switch.

Reboot both the switch by unplugging and stopping the power links. Sit tight for a minute till they completely reboot.

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