How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error In WordPress

Fix 500 Internal Server Error In WordPress

The 500 internal server error runs on every page of your site when there’s a problem with the server or file system that’s powering your site. The cause most likely occurs in the root directory, where your WordPress files are, but it can also be caused by a problem on your host’s server.

What Does The “Internal Server Error” Message Mean?

Internal server error (sometimes called a 500 internal server error), is a generic error message that your server gives you when it runs into a problem. Basically, it’s telling you that “something” went wrong… but it’s not very specific about what that “something” is.

That’s not a very satisfying explanation – but again, it’s not a very specific error.
What Causes The “Internal Server Error” Message?

Because this error message is so broad, there’s not a single problem that causes it.

With WordPress, the most common causes are:

A corrupt .htaccess file.
A plugin issue.
Hitting your PHP memory limit.
Corrupt WordPress core files.

We’ll show you solutions for how to fix all of those problems. But if you want to quickly narrow down exactly what’s going on, consulting your server’s error logs is a helpful way to diagnose exactly what’s causing the problem.

If your host uses cPanel, you can view error logs by going to your cPanel dashboard and clicking on Error Log:

Unfortunately, as you can see from the image below, these error logs aren’t always the most user-friendly documents to read:

If nothing obvious sticks out in the error logs, you can:

Consult your host’s support for help understanding what the issue might be.
Jump straight into some of the common fixes that I’m about to outline below.

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