How to Boost Your Wireless Signal

Boost Your Wireless Signal

Trun your “dead zones” into fun zones.Our router , modems range extenders help you keep mobile device , media player and computer connect to wifi with a reliable connection and extended coverage in every corner of your home. Boost Your Wireless Signal

See how rang Extenders broaden your network coverage so your smartphone tablets and computer stay online without interference from applicance.

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Strictly follow these procedures step wise and to connect your Netgear Range Extender : 1. With the help of a paper clip or tooth pick, press the reset button on the back of the extender for 15 – 20 seconds . Release the button after 20 seconds and then automatically extender will reboot and shows you only a power green light. 2. Connect the range extender to any computer with the help of Ethernet cable.

Boost it: your wireless internet on overdrive

Boost Your Wireless Signal

This may seem like commonsense, but updating your router’s firmware can go a very long way towards improving the quality of its wireless signal strength. Newer models tend to raise notifications when updates are available, but you can manually check by logging into the device’s interface. Common fixes often address problems with connectivity, so monitor when you last had yours updated!

You will also want to check to ensure that your router is positioned in an open space, as in not stowed behind books or between the walls of a large entertainment stand. These are the kinds of things that seriously affect signal range, so a bit of reorganization may be in order. Keep the router in a central spot so that every device has clear, unobstructed access. Lastly, installing an external antenna could very well do the trick. High-gain models are usually the best in this regard, as some have been known to boost signal strength from 2dBi to 15dBi! That is a significant amount that can have extreme results!

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