How to Configure Genie Smart Setup

Configure Genie Smart Setup – Mywifiext Setup Guide

Genie is a useful app for desktop and mobile. It allows users to manage, monitor and extend their home and office network. The app is also used to resolve the login issue with web interface and analyze all the networks and devices connected to your WiFi network.
With NETGEAR Genie, one can even check the internet speed coming from the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Configure Genie Smart Setup – Mywifiext Setup Guide

Genie smart setup is a simple way to set up a new WiFi range extender. You just need to open a web browser on laptop or PC connected to the current network. Once done, take an Ethernet cable and connect WiFi range extender. However, make sure that a NETGEAR Genie account has already been created. To take help from experts while creating an account setup
The biggest advantage of Genie setup is that it makes WiFi range extender setup an easier task than ever.


1. Ex2700 Range extender will help your devices to stay stable on the internet throughout the home.*

2. EX3700 – AC750 WiFi Range Extender ,Get ready to connect anywhere in your home with this simple-to-use WiFi Range Extender.*

3. EX3920 – AC750 WiFi Range Extenders helps to boost your existing network range and speed, by providing dual-band wifi.*

4. N600 WiFi Range Extender WN3500RP 802.11n, Dual Band, 1-port, Wall-plug, Audio Jack, USB 2.0, Airplay/DLNA (Audio) Pump Up The Volume, Wirelessly.*

5. EX6100 – AC750 WiFi Range Extender it can cover upto 100-150 feets of distance with the dual-band range.*

6. EX6150 – AC1200 WiFi Range Extender it will help your wifi devices to work flawlessly in “Dead Spots” where the connection from your existing network is poor.*

7. EX7000 – Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Range Extender for maximum WiFi performance, it can cover up to 100-150 feets of distance with the dual-band range.*

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