How to Troubleshooting iTunes Installation

Troubleshooting iTunes Installation

If iTunes not install successfully, there are some things you can try.

Start by uninstalling any existing installation of iTunes. Press Windows key+R then type: appwiz.cpl and hit Enter. Scroll down and select iTunes then click Uninstall on the command bar. Also, make sure you uninstall other Apple software components listed such as Apple Application Support, Mobile Device Support, Software Update, and Bonjour. Restart your computer when the uninstall is complete.

Uninstall – Copy

Proceed to download iTunes from Appleā€™s website then follow the pre-requisite instructions for installing iTunes.

Also, disable your Antivirus temporarily since some security utilities can incorrectly flag iTunes as malicious software. If you encounter errors with the Windows Installer, you could try re-registering the Windows Installer then attempt the install again.

Press Windows key+R
Type: msiexec /unreg then press Enter key
Press Windows key+R
Type: msiexec /regserver then press Enter key

The dedicated Apple Software Update manager is another way users can update iTunes and other Apple software such as iCloud. I have used it many times to get the latest version of iTunes.
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